Quality Assurance :

  • Raw Materials used - Graded and in bulk purchase quantities( Along with Test Certificate)
  • Core and Sand Molding Processes completely standardized
  • Scientifically designed Filling and Feeding systems.
  • Standardized Jigs and Fixtures for Machining to assure parallelity, concentricity and dimensional accuracy
  • 100% Inspection

Manufacturing Facility :

TDS Intricast is a ISO 9001-2008 certified modern Foundry with a dedicated infrastructure for manufacture of Impellers and thin Walled Castings in Stainless Steel or other alloys as per customer's requirements:

  • Installed capacity: Upto 100,000 Impellers/ Thin Walled castings per month
  • Molding Facility: Investment Shell Sand, No bake, CO2 and Greensand
  • Core Shop: Shell Sand, No Bake, Ceramic Core
  • Melting: 250KW and 60KW Induction Furnaces
  • Fettling: Derisering, Grinding and Deburring
  • Shot blasting: Captive
  • Heat Treatment: Captive
  • CNC Machining: Captive/ Vendorised
  • Testing: Captive (Spectrography, LP Test, MPI Test & Ultrasonic Test)
  • Inspection: Visual and Dimensional
  • Die and Pattern Making Facility: Captive